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Why Zemneo?

Smartphone Matchmaker

Let us help you find the perfect phone suited to your needs! Tell us what your priorities are, and make use of Zemneo's simple and easy to use search tools. We do the work, so you don't have to!

The Research Lab

You don't want researching a device to take all day, and we don't either. Our profile page is filled with relevant research from across the web. Users leave their reviews, and our community sorts these experiences.

The Marketplace

Great, so we have helped you find the perfect phone and your pockets are burning. Now what? We go one step further, and show you the best possible deal on the phone.

Better research with Zemneo


Avoid confusion by only seeing the specifications that actually matter. Make use of the buying guide to learn what those features exactly do and how they affect your device. Ask questions and never feel overwhelmed with complex terms again.


Learn from the experiences of other users, just like you! Stay assured that the community democratically selects the most relevant and trusted user opinions to put in front of you. Know without a doubt that you can trust what you read on our site.


Discover Expert reviews that actually matter. Only the most helpful submissions make it to the top, because our community sorts the reviews based on what's the most helpful! Read only as much as you need to, discuss with other users your concerns, and spend less time finding and more time deciding.


In your hands will be the biggest pros-and-cons list on the phone you are interested in, anywhere on the web. Hits and misses are compiled from both experts and users, and know for a fact that if a pro or con is not listed on Zemneo, it probably does not exist. Yeah, we're a bit obsessed.


Eliminate choice and information overload. Only the best accessories make it to the website, which is voted on by the user community. Let us know what works for you!


Here's the bottom line, we handpick only the best possible deals by scouring the Internet and submissions by our users to find you the best value for your money. We want you to find your perfect device at a price you can afford.

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